Dental Box

What do we mean by a Dental Box?… Or Tooth Tray!

The name Dental Boxes has many names, examples are: Bit tray, Ortho box, Denture box, Denture tray, Dental cleaning box, etc.

What is the use of a Dental Box?

The Dental Box is designed to store, transport and/or clean dentures, mouthguards, braces, grinding bits, sports bits in a tray. Depending on the type or type, the Dental Box can be used to clean your dentures, apnea braces, sports mouthpiece, etc. To clean, among other things, dentures, splints, braces, this should be done in a cleaning bath, or dental bath. The Dental Boxes are perfectly suitable for this because they are made of a hard plastic and have been specially developed for this. Moreover, they are cheap to buy, last a very long time and are easy to clean. These dental trays are also available in many shapes and colors, so there is something for everyone. These denture boxes are made to store, clean or safely transport (transport) a denture/bit/braces, etc.

There are different types of storage box for a removable mouthpiece/dental prosthesis, namely: tray with a loose-fitting lid, tray with insert (strainer) and lid, shell-shaped box. When cleaning, among other things, dentures on a daily basis, it is useful to have a rinsing sieve in the tray, here the dentures can be rinsed without the dentures slipping or falling from the hands and being seriously damaged or broken. This is also the most hygienic way to clean dentures, of course, this also includes braces, sports mouthguards, splints, etc.

What else is a Dental Box for?

Dentures should be kept every night in a container (preferably in an open box or with ventilation holes) in a standard place in the house, handy to find! In addition, before removing your dentures, this aims to give your mouth time to recover during the night's rest. It is recommended to clean your dentures (or similar removable mouthpiece) daily…, of course the tray should be cleaned at the same time. An athlete who wears a sports mouthguard has a special ortho tray with ventilation holes. With sports mouthpieces, people often forget to clean them, which can have major consequences for the oral flora. Also for this group it applies that the sports mouthguard and storage/transport box should be cleaned properly after use.

Only use cleaning agents that have been specially developed for removable mouthpieces or dentures and DO NOT use any type of cleaning agent. If a mouthpiece or dentures are seriously soiled, it can be considered to place them in an ultrasonic device (ultrasonic cleaner). With this cleaning technique, the ultrasonic waves (mini-scule vibrations that create millions of small air bubbles) ensure that coffee, tea, tobacco, limescale and other dirt particles are thoroughly removed.

For those who want to pay a little more attention to a clean, fresh and healthy oral flora, we recommend spraying the mouthpiece with Dental Spray before use (this is available in our webshop.).